Desktop Computer


Do you need something that fits your needs, do you need a computer custom-built for your gaming needs, do you need a computer built for your graphics designing?

Buying and paying for parts is can be hard when you don't know what your looking for, come in today and talk to one of our fully qualified computer technicians to get everything soirt for your very own custom-built computer.

Remote IT


Do you have an issue and can't bring your computer into our workshop, ‌is there something small that needs to be completed, like updating your computer, upgrading or install software?

We can do it all remotely, using special software, we can remotely log into your computer and help you over the phone.



Have a broken screen, keyboard broken and needs to be replaced, or a new battery?

Do you have other issues, like your webcam doesn't work, you've dropped it and have cracked the outer case, or you just have no idea on what's going on with your laptop and it's making you pull your hair out, our fully qualified computer technicians can fix just about anything with your laptop.